Coronavirus in Condos March 20, 2020

Thank you to everyone who is self-isolating and/or actively social distancing.

The arrival of Owners and Residents returning from winter travels is progressing well.

Welcome home! - we are happy to have you back with us safe and sound. Thank you for self-isolating for 14 days upon your return.


We confirmed in previous communications that hand sanitizers have been ordered for your building (two weeks ago now). A sufficient number of hand sanitizing stations have been ordered to equip your main lobby and each garage level elevator lobby.

We have communicated with the vendor who confirms that the stations are still on back order. They will be delivered by the vendor without delay when they are received from the supplier and they will be installed by staff as soon as they are received.

In the meantime, all Owners, Residents and guests are reminded to wash their hands immediately upon entering your suite after travelling through common element areas.


Your building staff and cleaning contractors continue enhanced cleaning of commonly touched surfaces such as common element door knobs and handles, elevator call buttons, stairwell hand railings etc.

In all buildings, a contingency plan (Plan B) has been put in place to ensure backup staff in the event regular staff become ill or incapable of attending work.

In buildings where that contingency plan has already been enacted, additional measures are in place (Plan C) in the event they become necessary.

Our heart felt thank you to all of our staff and contractors who are working on the front lines of this epidemic to keep our Communities safe. You are in our thoughts at all times.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything you need or you just need to chat (vent?).


There is currently no plan to restrict guests and visitors to your community and no such plans will be instituted unless government officials make it a requirement by issuing mandatory lock downs. Thank you to everyone attending our buildings for washing your hands prior to arriving and as soon as you enter a suite.


Buildings where annual in-inspections were in progress, they have been postponed indefinitely. They will resume when it is safe to do so. This is being done to prevent the spread from unit to unit and to protect staff. Thank you for understanding that staff cannot attend your suite even if you are asymptomatic.

Building staff and corporation contractors are under instruction not to attend units in person, except for condominium-related emergencies which cannot be resolved without a physical presence in the unit.

In buildings where spring power sweeping and pressure washing of interior garages had been scheduled - this work has been postponed. This decision was made to avoid having the entire ownership travelling through common elements to relocate their vehicles to accommodate the cleaning. The work will be rescheduled when it is safe to do so. We anticipate difficulty in rescheduling this work, as the line up for scheduling will be significant. Building specific notices will be posted when the work has been scheduled in your building.


In buildings where major work was planned (such as exterior cladding repairs and reviews) we are in communication with the managing engineers to determine whether the contractors will be able to start work as planned. There is concern about availability of work crews and materials. building specific notices will be issued where required.


We have communicated with your Corporation’s core services contractors (plumber, HVAC tech, electrician) to ensure they are able to continue providing emergency service where required.

We have requested that each attending contractor confirm in advance that the staff being sent to our buildings (where they are absolutely required for emergency responses) have not been travelling and are taking proper precautions.


In buildings where Annual General Meetings and interim occupancy turn over meetings were planned, these meetings have been deferred indefinitely. Work to reschedule those events will be underway once public health and government authorities confirm that it is safe for people to relax social distancing measures currently in place.


DES Services continues to attend to regular operational, administrative and financial work remotely. Contractors / vendors / service providers and utility invoices are being paid on time. In buildings where there is Corporation staff, payroll is being processed on time.

Your Board continues to meet (via conference calls and video conferences) and we will continue to work to support the proper governance of your Corporation.

For the time being we are limiting our onsite activities to urgent and emergency situations which cannot be resolved without our presence on site. Regular on site activities including building inspections and office hours (where they are mandated by our management agreement) will resume once it is safe to do so.

We continue to work with your legal professionals and your Board to ensure that the legal obligations of the condominium corporation are fulfilled to protect the condominium from liability.

Finally, we will continue to communicate with you through our Blog posts to ensure you have the most up to date information available. Thank you for understanding that we are experiencing much higher than usual calls and email loads and that we are responding to inquiries as quickly as we can. Thank you for limiting your service requests to issues of an urgent / emergency nature.


We have opted not to list the myriads of Covid-19 specific health and government health agency websites, as this information is readily available from other sources. However, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are in need of guidance to sources of reliable, vetted and accurate information.


If you have concerns about your health, please contact your health practitioner and thank you for remembering to wash your hands.

Please know that we are doing our best to protect YOUR interests while making reasonable efforts to protect OURSELVES and our FAMILIES and to ensure that DES Services is able to continue to provide service to each client in our portfolio through this difficult period.

We try hard to keep our sense of humour about the quirky things that happen on a daily basis in condominium management. We are keenly aware that "energy is contagious".  This motivates the tone of our communications and we strive to keep our messages positive - even in the face of the current crisis.

A word of thanks to those of you who support us in our efforts - you make it a little easier to deal with the lesser positive feedback.

J (Den Mother)

DES Services Inc.

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