Covid-19 in Condos - April 1, 2020 (no joke…)

Thank you to all those of you who continue to practice physical distancing while remaining socially connected.

Thank you also to those who are in self-isolation. To those in quarantine - hang in there…


It is now MANDATORY for travellers returning to Canada to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival. The “rules” surrounding post-travel self isolation requirements are evolving daily. Please refer to the latest updates at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal health agencies and government websites for the best and latest details on what IS and IS NOT allowable while in self-isolation.


If there are known case in your building - you will have received a building-specific Notice alerting you to this development. Thank you for understanding that due to Privacy of Information legislation requirements, the identity of the infected person and their whereabouts will not be divulged.

In addition to notifying occupants of the building, this serves to confirm that we have communicated with the affected occupants to confirm much of the information below:


ANYONE who have been found to be Covid-19 positive are required by law to self-isolate (quarantine).

ANYONE who is presumptively positive (and by this I mean: you KNOW or you THINK you have Covid-19 because you are exhibiting symptoms of the disease) should also place themselves in immediate self isolation and contact public health officials.

COVID-19 POSITIVE? - Your Legal Obligation to Isolate (Quarantine)

As someone having been diagnosed with COVID-19, you are required by law to isolate quarantine) (at home for 14 days from the date of your positive test results (or a date as confirmed in writing by a public health authority in Ottawa), to avoid spreading the virus to others.

Please refer to:

In layman’s terms: if you are Covid-19 positive, you and all other occupants of your unit are prohibited from leaving your unit for the required 14 day quarantine period. Aside from the circumstances set out below there is to be no exception to this quarantine period.

You are responsible to take steps to ensure that your immediate needs (groceries / food / medication being delivered) be done by outside individuals or agency whom will deliver same to your door, without entering your unit.

Specifically, without limiting the generality , you and any other occupants in the unit:

  • Shall NOT leave your unit, except and ONLY for emergency or medical reasons (such as circumstances of building evacuation or should you require urgent medical care). In case of building evacuation, you are to wear protective clothing including gloves and a mask or other face covering. You are to take any and all required steps to avoid any contact with anyone. You are not to gather with others at the assembly point;

  • Should you required to be evacuated for medical reasons, you are to do so under the supervision and following the directives of the paramedics. Should you require urgent medical, you are to advise the paramedics ahead of time of your current situation;

  • Shall NOT use the elevators. Please make your way out of the building by using the stairs. In the event that you or one of your tenants requires use of the elevator for medical evacuation, please contact the on-site staff in advance at the number listed in your building so appropriate health and safety measures can be put in place for the protection of other residents;

  • Shall NOT enter onto, get near or use the common elements, including hallways, stairwells, laundry facilities, mailroom, lobbies, garage, or any other amenity, etc. for any reason whatsoever, except in an emergency situation, or for an exception specified in this letter;

  • Shall NOT open your unit door, except and ONLY for emergency reasons, and for the purposes of collecting a delivery made to your unit; when opening the door, you will take every possible precaution, including covering your nose and mouth with a garment or a mask.

  • Any and all deliveries made to your unit must be left outside your unit door. You shall pick such deliveries when it is safe to do, with the delivery personnel having clearly stepped away from your unit;

  • Shall NOT have any visitors to your units, except and ONLY such agents of the public health authorities or paramedics if required to medically evacuate you;

COVID-19 POSITIVE - Your legal obligation to Inform Residents

The Condominium Corporation will not be informing any of the residents of the building as to your identity or unit. If you are a Tenant, you should also communicate with your Landlord (the unit Owner) concerning your Covid—19 positive test result.

YOU DO have a positive obligation to (you must) advise and inform any and all occupants of the building whom you may have been in contact with during the last 14 days of your positive COVID-19 Test. It is essential that these individuals be informed so that they take additional precautions, such as self-isolating for a period of 14 days so as not to potentially infect others in the building or the public at-large.


Many Owners and Residents are reaching out to us and to our Boards to report cases of non-compliance and violations of the Ontario Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act and the Federal Quarantine Act.

The City of Ottawa has confirmed that to report gatherings of more than five (5) people you should contact the City at 3-1-1.

To report offences in relation to other orders issued under the Federal Quarantine Act - please call Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222 ext 7502.


A reminder wipes are not flushable - despite what the advertising on the packaging may say. Facial wipes, baby wipes and now more recently disinfectant wipes are clogging the building’s sanitary drains.

Trust me on this one - now is NOT THE TIME for an epic sanity stack back-up into a unit!

Thank you for disposing of your wipes in a garbage bag. NO FLUSHING!


The onset of more frequent deliveries to the building (groceries, parcels, prepared food delivery) is generating increased traffic in the building and in the elevators. Please exercise care in elevators - where physical distancing measures are often not possible, given the confined nature of elevator cabs. Thank you for limiting the number of passengers in a cab at anyone time and for respecting each others boundaries.


In accordance with Fire Code requirements all fire separating doors (including stairwell, facilities, vestibule and unit doors) MUST remain closed and latched at all times while note in use. DO NOT prop your unit door open. DO NOT prop stairwell doors open.


The operations of your Condominium Corporation continue during this pandemic period - albeit with modifications.

  • Your invaluable staff members continue to work on the front lines to keep common element areas clean and disinfected.

  • Where staff shortages now exist, cleaning contractors have been retained to support building staff in their efforts

  • THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR TEAMS MEMBERS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally if you require ANYTHING!

Your community’s contractors / vendors, public utilities services and staff members continue to be paid ON TIME.

Your Board will conduct their regular (abridged) April board meeting via web conferencing. Fun times!

Thank you to everyone for understanding that DES Services is concentrating on prompt payment of valuable staff,  vendors contractors and professional partners, as well as on communicating with Owners (globally) and with Board members who require our assistance.

Requests for Service with respect to physical building operations are “triaged” and responded to based on urgency at the present time. We are still HERE for you - even though you do not SEE us on site.

We will get through this TOGETHER - but I am seriously going to need: both a hair cut and time off at the end of all this!

Stay safe & wash your hands!

J (the Den Mother)

DES Services Inc.

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