Covid-19 in Condos – June 11, 2020

We last blogged on May 26th. In the world of property and condominium management, the first and last week of the month can get a bit hairy! Add to the mix a few fiscal year-ends and the additional complexities (and related communication requirements) of managing multi-residential buildings, during a world-wide pandemic and you have a situation ripe for bit of stress! After a brief absence - we are back! Refreshed and better than ever ;)

To all of our Owners, Residents, professional and trades partners who continue to modify their daily schedules, work methods and life-styles to practice physical distancing – THANK YOU! Our collective resolve continues to be tested in extraordinary ways, during extraordinary times - let’s continue to pull together and continue efforts to prevent the spread of Covid.

The Province confirmed at the beginning of the week that the Ottawa Region is entering Phase 2 of re-openings on Friday June 12 - tomorrow! Exciting (and freightening) news – all at once.


The State of Emergency (emergency period) is still currently in place until June 30, 2020.

The Emergency Order is currently in place until June 19, 2020.

Latest details available here.

The Province continues to urge all Ontarians who are concerned about having been exposed to Covid or who believe they may be infected to visit an assessment centre. Details available here.

Given the ongoing challenges of sourcing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), the Province has compiled and published a PPE supplier directory. It is available here.


The list of Covid testing centres in Ottawa is here

Details on the City of Ottawa’s Reopening Plan, latest data on infections in our community and resources for businesses planning to reopen are available here

Information on how to use cloth masks safely and effectively is available at the City of Ottawa website. The City has also compiled a list of places where masks may be purchased. The list is available here.

The City also has a new format (a "Dashboard") for reporting on local cases. Available here.


The announcement that we are entering Phase 2 is welcome news for so many people and businesses. Now starts the process of making the very personal daily decisions about our varying levels of comfort about returning to our lives and activities. In all cases, these decisions are dependent of course, upon many factors including personal convictions, physical and mental health, as well as varying comfort levels about attending public places again. Let’s all continue to be considerate of other people’s needs and limitations and respect each other’s boundaries…

Where new Covid-related or other pre-existing social anxiety exists, take care of YOU. There are excellent resources and ideas about how to protect your mental health at this City of Ottawa website.


The Province has confirmed that Phase 2 includes the ability to open Condominium pools, where Boards of Directors feel their community is able to comply with existing Regulations and new public health requirements surrounding Covid.

Decisions about reopening of pool facilities will be made in the coming days / weeks, with the advice of industry professionals and legal counsel.

In all instances, the decision to reopen pool facilities will be made after an assessment of the liability / risks involved and of the financial and staffing resources available to ensure adequate cleaning and sanitization of high-touch areas in the pool and in the change room facilities throughout the day (including the showers).

Where Boards DO choose to reopen pool facilities, it is reasonable to expect changes (reductions) in the pool operating hours, to accommodate cleaning and sanitization activities. In all cases, in accordance with ongoing restrictions, hot tub, spa and sauna facilities will not reopen at this time.

If your condominium community includes pool facilities – you will receive further building-specific Notices once your Board has made decisions.


The leading of causes of fire in high-rises remain a) unattended cooking, and b) smoking on balconies, where cigarette butts are flung over the railing and land on balconies below. New Covid-specific causes of high-rise fires now also include microwaving cloth masks to dry and/or disinfect them. Thank you for helping to ensure everyone’s safety by making sure your unit door, as well as all amenity and stairwell doors remain securely latched when not in use.

In the event of fire alarms at your building, please follow the instructions from the Fire Plan which were distributed at various times in your building over the years. If you require a copy of the instructions, please email me at Most importantly, if you are required to evacuate the building, please remember to ensure that you practice proper physical distancing measures (6 feet apart at all times).

Let’s continue to take care of each other by staying away from each other! Martin and I continue to heed the Province’s recommendations that wherever possible, work should be done remotely, subject of course to periodic inspections, appointments on-site to meet with professional / trades partners, as well as to pick-up and deliver cheques.

I have considerably more grey hair than I did going into the pandemic phase…. I have earned every single one!  Despite the opportunity to return to a hair salon on Friday – I think I am going to continue doing MY thing and just let it go fully grey! That is fully within MY comfort level :)  It is also in line with excellent advice received last week: “don’t change your voice”.  

We love reading your excellent feedback - Martin and I appreciate your support!

Take care, stay healthy and wash your hands!

J (the Den Mother)

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