Covid-19 in Condos May 15, 2020

Long Weekend ahead!

The Province has begun the process of re-opening sectors of the economy and recreational facilities and for this we are all grateful.

Let this not however weaken our resolve to continue our significant efforts to flatten the curve. Thank you to all those who continue to modify their schedules and lifestyles to practice physical distancing and/or self isolation.


Once again, the Provincial Government has made several significant announcements this week:

1) The Emergency Order has been extended until June 2, 2020. The Emergency order allows for funding on an extraordinary basis, of the province’s response efforts.

2) They have enacted a new piece of legislation. Bill 190, entitled COVID-19 Response and Reforms to Modernize Ontario Act, 2020, is a far reaching legislation which, among other things, amends sections of the Condominium Act. The amendments are largely related to extended meeting deadlines and providing for electronic meetings for an extended period of time. The wording of the legislation is available here.

The Province has also announced that we are entering Phase 1 of a 3 phased approach to re-opening the province and rekindling he economy, with many commercial enterprises allowed to re-open to varying extents, provided public health guidelines are follows. Notably, gatherings of more than 5 people however are still banned.

The list of current day sectors which are reopening is a “moving goal post” and changes on a seemingly daily basis. The most current information is available here.


The latest details concerning the City of Ottawa’s response and current restriction concerning Covid are available here.


As the various levels of government continue the process of allowing for a measured re-opening of industry, we are all left with daily decisions about our varying levels of comfort about returning to our lives and activities.

In all cases, these decisions are very personal and are dependent of course, upon many factors including personal convictions, physical and mental health, as well as varying comfort levels about attending public places for recreation at this time.

Where anxiety exists, stick to your comfort zones and take “baby steps”. Where cabin fever is driving you around the bend, it is time to start expanding the list of acceptable activities, while maintaining safe standards. Stay safe and "take care of you".


As the various levels of government begin to turn their attention to how to safely resume activities and re-open spaces, so too will your condominium Board.

Over the next several weeks, the work of assessing risk and planning for additional maintenance and cleaning will begin in each condominium as Boards/Developers begin the process of determine whether or not certain facilities may re-open. These decisions will be made in consultation with legal experts and with guidance with public health agencies, and at a pace which makes sense for that spiffy condominium community and always of course, in compliance with the Emergency orders in place.


If you are not feeling well and are concerned that you have contracted the virus, please take the Province’s self assessment tool - available here.

After completing a short questionnaire you will be provided instructions on how to proceed with getting tested or how to isolate during your illness.


The City of Ottawa has announced new criteria for Covid testing . Ottawa Public Health now recommends that any Ottawa all residents who are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms can go for testing. COVID-19 testing is available at the COVID-19 Assessment Centre at Brewer Arena or the COVID-19 Care Clinics. Details here.


With the long weekend upon us and still in consideration of the fact that the majority of Condominium Owners and Residents are still sheltering in place, please accept our weekly reminders concerning fire safety. The leading of causes of high fires remain a) Unattended cooking, and b) Balcony fires.

Please ensure your unit door, all amenity and stairwell doors should remain securely latched when not in use

  • Never leave pots unattended on the stove

  • Do not microwave textiles and masks

  • Do not overload electrical extension cords

  • Do not throw lit cigarette butts ever the balcony railing

In the event of fire alarms at your building, please follow the instructions from the Fire Plan which were distributed at various times over the years. If you require a copy of the instructions, please email me at Most importantly, if you are required to evacuate the building, please remember to ensure that you practice proper physical distancing measures (6 feet apart at all times).


Take some time this weekend to relax, get outside if you can. Enjoy a little seasonal weather. I feel the need to be clear here since Mother Nature has been naughty lately - enjoy the SPRING seasonal weather. No more snow please :).

If you are headed for the great outdoors (as I am), look out for ticks... they are back! Also watch for those pesky murder hornets (gosh I hope that is a passing thing!)

For those of you who usually partake in the Victoria Day fireworks, 2020 will be somewhat different. Our family dog (the great CocoMeister) who definitely does NOT approve of fireworks (or thunder, loud vehicles, doorbells or heavy metal music) will be spared the need to hide under the bed for several hours over the weekend.  So there is that...

Looks like we will all have to find a way to add our own “fireworks” into the weekend. And again, for the sake of clarity, I am not suggesting that anyone venture into the wild world of pyrotechnics! But DO find a way to enjoy yourself (safely!).

Thank you for all of the notes, emails of support and jokes. I enjoy reading your feedback! Keep the ideas coming :)

Martin and I wish you a fabulously good, safe and happy weekend. Take care, stay healthy and wash your hands!

J (the Den Mother)

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