Covid-19 in Condos - April 21, 2020

April 21 - one full month into Spring and yet the snow will not relent!

Thank you to everyone who has modified their daily/weekly schedules and who continue to comply with governmental and public health agency requests that we continue to practice social (physical) distancing and self-isolation to flatten the curve.

Both the Federal and Provincial governments have confirmed that our ongoing efforts to flatten the curve are working! I must admit, in full white-out conditions this morning, staying at home does not seem quite as difficult….

LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY TO SELF-ISOLATE (travellers) and to ISOLATE (covid-19 positive)


Owners and Residents who would like to review the Federal Government Emergency Order under the Quarantine Act, may do so here. To report violations of the Federal Quarantine Act - please call the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222 ext 7502


Owners and Residents who would like to review The Provincial Declaration of Emergency under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act may do so here. To report violations of the Ontario Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act please contact 3-1-1


The City of Ottawa and its’ Public Health authority have issued orders mandating self-isolation for those who test positive for COVID-19. Details available here.


If you are not feeling well and are concerned that you have contracted the virus, please take the Province’s self assessment tool - available here.

After completing a short questionnaire you will be provided instructions on how to proceed with getting tested or how to isolate during your illness.


All instances of Covid-19 positive cases in your community will be confirmed via building-specific Notices. The information and unit number of Residents having tested positive will not be disclosed. In all instances of known positive cases, please rest assured that we communicate with the affected Owner/Resident to provide detailed information concerning the legal responsibility to quarantine, to provide case specific quarantine instructions and to confirm the Owner’s/Resident’s duty to communicate with any other building occupants with whom they ave had contact over the previous 14 days.


In several of our communities, we have received a partial order of hand sanitizing gel. Where these orders have been received, the stations will be installed by your building staff tomorrow.

In all cases, only a small portion of what was ordered has been received.  Understandably, products are still being diverted to health care facilities. We are assured that more deliveries will come in the future. We are however grateful that the vendor has apportioned a significant part of this shipment to our communities.


Owners, Residents, guests, support workers and delivery staff can help prevent illness and the spread of the visor by:

  • Staying home (inside your suite) as much as possible

  • Practicing social distancing measures by staying 2 meters (6 feet) away from other people

  • Washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds BEFORE and AFTER you travel through common element areas

  • Washing and disinfecting the commonly touched surfaces in your suite often

  • Coughing into your sleeve when out in public

  • Trying to remember not to touch your face

  • Ensuring that you remain home when you feel unwell


The cleaning and disinfecting of door handles, elevator buttons, stairwell railings, etc has been increased in all of our buildings. However, please keep in mind that even with increased and supplemental cleaning services, many of the commonly touched surfaces are still only cleaned 2 or 3 times per day.

It is wise to limit your travel through common elements as much as possible and to treat every surface as though it had last been touched by someone with Covid-19.


Understandably, cabin fever has pushed many Owners and Residents onto their balconies. A gentle reminder that in many of our buildings smoking is not allowed on the balcony and terrace.

In other buildings, where smoking is still allowed on the balcony - thank you for not throwing cigarette butts over the railing. In addition to being an annoyance to those below, the lit butts present a fire hazard when they land on the textiles of the patio furniture on balconies and terraces below.

If you are unsure about the Smoking Rules in your building, please consult the Rules Set, the Resident Manual or the website for your particular community.

Please also refrain from placing items such as footwear or shopping carts outside your unit door. In residential condominiums, the Fire Code prevents such items from being placed in common element hallways (in a path of egress). In the event of an emergency evacuation of the building, all of these items become significant tripping hazards to occupants and rescue personnel.


There continues to be reports of break-ins in Ottawa. If you observe unusual activity at your site, most especially after hours, please call 9-1-1 immediately. Thank you also for filing an Incident Report with our office on the next regular business day so that we may make arrangements for review of CCTV footage where appropriate.


We have reached out to the various professional and trades partners at your site to ensure that all outstanding payments for goods received and services rendered are issued promptly. We look forward to resuming normal operations and to working closely with all of the industry partners who provide services to the Condominium Communities in our Portfolio.


Thank you to the volunteers who are helping neighbours and providing support to one another through this difficult time. Volunteer work is an excellent way to remain socially connected with your community. When participating in volunteer activities - please make sure to follow all public health guidelines to protect your safety. Your community needs you healthy and strong :). A gentle reminder - in all instances, volunteers providing services to their condominium community are doing so at their own risk. The Condominium’s insurance policy covering volunteers does not apply to your service at the present time, as you are performing community service, as opposed to formal Condominium business.


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you find we may be of assistance to you. Martin and I appreciate your ongoing support.

Also in parting, (and against all odds...) it pains me to admit that I am running out of ideas about how to nag you during your pandemic lockdown... (I KNOW!) Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have blog post ideas. :)


J (the Den Mother)

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