• Josee Deslongchamps

welcome to our new BLOG!

Welcome to our new fledgling blog: "condo manager's PERSPECTIVE"

We are expanding our horizons, adventuring into the unknown, leaping into un-chartered territory (ok, not really... tons of people do this...) , going past our comfort zone, joining the dark side? Sound a little like buying a new condo? Yep...

Exciting times!

It certainly has been an exciting time in the Ontario condominium management industry since November 1, 2017. In fairness though, it is always an exciting time in condominium management :)

Significant amendments to the Condominium Act, 1998, along with the creation of a new regulatory authority and a new dispute resolution tribunal have certainly given everyone working in the condominium management profession or working to support those in the profession a lot to think and talk (and blog) about!

DES Services Inc. wants to join the fray! Through our new blog: "condo manager's PERSPECTIVE" we hope to contribute relevant information, respond to fellow condo bloggers and to provide an "in the trenches" view of everyday issues. With a little luck, we will also manage to add a little levity to a sometimes rather dry topic: condo management!

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