Suddenly Working from Home? Pro Tips from someone who has been doing it for 15 years!

Well these certainly ARE interesting times.

By now you will have gathered that this IS NOT going to be your average condo industry Blog.

Condo Mgmt is a dry enough topic already - let's add a bit of levity!

Many of you are suddenly being faced with new daily challenges such as working from home. There is no doubt about it - it has its' blessings. It also has many pitfalls. I have been working from home since 2005 and I thought I might share a few tips with you... you know, to save your sanity?


Working from home in your sweat pants, jammies and fluffy pink slippers is fun - in the beginning. (... sit DOWN peanut gallery).

But trust me on this one: shower and get dressed every single day. If you are into it - do your hair.  If it helps you feel better - put on your makeup! At my age, I am SOOOOO past makeup that it is actually quite funny that I thought to include that bit here. (...again... sit DOWN...). Your self-confidence and sense of well-being will thank you for this.

There is nothing quite like catching a glimpse of yourself walking past a mirror on day 2 or 3 and suddenly realizing that you look like you just narrowly cheated death. Besides, your spouse / assorted housemates will also thank you (HONESTLY, after day 2 or 3 IT IS TIME TO SHOWER!).


It is wonderful to be able to set your own hours. It is also wonderful to not have to spend 1 to 2 hours commuting every day (I live on the easterly-most edge of the world, so this one is a “biggy” for me).

Take care though to set a somewhat regular work routine - else you will quickly find that you are always at work! Communicate with your employer / clients and let them know that you are HERE for them but that you can’t be THERE for them (I am thinking of trademarking that phrase - you have heard it here first folks…)


If you don’t already have one, set a proper meal schedule and stick to it. The urge to sit and graze at your desk is significant (… says the author as she wolfs down another square of chocolate…).

Make time for meal preparation and have your meal in another room (unless of course you are in self-isolation for health reasons). Regardless, you need the break from your computer. Get up, stretch, chat with the dog…


If you are managing / supervising staff remotely - check in with them often. Not to see if they are working (you already KNOW they are!) but to make sure that they are coping effectively with these new self distancing measures. it takes time to get used to this...


I admit it - I hate formal office settings. I go to great lengths to ensure that my home office space is “homey” as opposed to “officey”. Treat yourself (if you can). For example I always have fresh flowers in my office (I expect this is going to become an issue shortly as the current bunch starts to fade into the Adam’s Family bouquet… More on this to come …)

If you can swing it - set up a standing desk and crank up the tunes! Dealing with email overload is easier when you are busting’ a move. They don’t have to know at the other end - just our little secret…. (…ok peanut gallery, have at it… when you are right, you are right...I know…)


It is important for people around you to know that when you are working, you are focusing on something (someone?!) else. And YES, this is going to be most challenging for parents. Be patient. They are new at this too… They will get the hang on it…

After a few days you may come to like working from home. I do!

Clearly I am trying to put a smile on your face. These are difficult and unusual times. Try to keep your sense of humour. Be kind to one another by staying away from one another. And WASH YOUR HANDS!

Stay weird (and sane) my friends...

J (the Den Mother) also most recently a.k.a Mama Bear

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